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With more than 85% of the world population using the internet and mobile apps to find the goods and services they want, your business cannot afford NOT to have a website. That is why we’ve put together our team of experts with great experience in web design and development to give you the professional services you need. We are innovative, creative and a resourceful group of doers that will help you and your business get noticed in a modern world.

We believe in your vision and would love to help you bring it to light.

We will get you everything you need. Our company provides a wide range of website and app developmental services. We listen to our clients’ needs and wishes and this allows us to provide a unique and advanced product. We pride ourselves in creating 100% bug free products that exceed your expectations.

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Animation Services

How your website looks and feels makes a big difference to how long a visitor might stay or whether they will return. Every part of your website needs to be engaging and ‘sticky’ if you want to convert passing traffic into genuine customers and sales. The fact is that there are millions upon millions of websites out there and you want yours to look and feel as unique as possible and give your users a reason to stay and return.

Animation can really make a big change to how your website looks and feels. They say that a picture paints a thousand words, so it follows that an animation will paint millions more. How you use your animation video may change over time, but the quality that you want to use will never change. We produce high quality animations that enhance what you have to say to your customers and clients.

We can produce anything from 2D to 3D to explainer and whiteboard videos. We specialize in custom animations with high production value. Check out our portfolio of past work and you can see that we can create a top-notch an animation that fits your needs. We give you high quality results because the influence of the animation is becoming more widespread.

Animations are a fantastic tool for explaining complex ideas in a simple manner. The use of explainer videos will give your potential customers the lowdown on what you do and how you do it without the need for you to be there. A great explainer video will generate leads for you even while you are sleeping.

Search engines love videos and by including one in your website it will help you to move up the search engine rankings. It is what Google call blended results and it takes into account the mix of content that you have on your website. A more content-rich website will be ranked higher. The animation that you include will help you to achieve a better search engine ranking.

Animations are becoming more of a feature on websites because it serves many purposes. When the video can engage your customers, explain complex ideas quickly and even help with your search engine results then they are a great fit for your website or anywhere else in your business. Contact us today and we can answer any questions you have about animation and how it fits into your company and your website.

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SEO Services

Consider that your company’s online presence is like a virtual storefront: It needs to be easily found in a location where many potential customers pass by. Does your business show up first and foremost within online search results on popular search engines like Google so that you aren’t missing out on opportunities?

And what would extra 50-100 clients per month do for your company?

At Epikta we can help you get those extra clients by putting your business on the first page of Google.

With our help, your business will be showcased in front of customers who are actively searching for a product or service and are ready to pay you.

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Mobile Apps

A great mobile app is something that can transform what you do. There are many reasons that you might want a mobile app and we have worked with all sorts of people and companies to get top quality mobile apps produced that generate massive interest.

Whether you are looking to produce a stand-alone app that you know will generate loads of downloads on the app stores or you want an app to complement your existing business or website then we have the designers that can put this together for you and make it a success. Check out our portfolio and you can see all of the people we have helped in the past to create exciting apps that matched their needs perfectly.

We are ready to give your mobile app all the attention it deserves. We can work independently or with your team to create and finish your mobile app within deadline. Check out our portfolio of past work. Your app can transform the way your company is viewed because it opens up a completely new audience to you. The users of mobile phone apps may not have seen your company, your idea, your invention, your services or your products anywhere else. Make sure that you give them a top-notch experience with a high quality app that will stay on their smartphone or tablet for a very long time.

If your idea is the app itself then you have come to the right place. We can work with you to develop the app in exactly the way that you have imagined it. We have the creativity to make your dream app come to life and we have the skills and experience to take that creativity and turn it into a working app.

The mobile app has taken the world of technology by storm over the past ten years and with the rise of smartphones and tablets this is something that is definitely here to stay. We can help you to stay on top of this technology by producing a great app that hits all of the right spots. We have been making apps for our customers for a long time and we can get together with you to produce something that you will be proud of. Get in touch to discuss everything we can do for you.

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Graphic Design

A good logo is usually born out of a good concept. Whether it is a typographical logo (only text) or a combination of icon and typography, it needs to be thought out well. We’ve worked on many logos throughout the years, and in every case, we’ve always started with a strong concept and then worked on the aesthetics. We believe your corporate identity should not only look good, but also mean something. It has to have a story behind it; otherwise it is just another pretty icon. For most businesses, branding is very important. A well designed logo can help a company stand out and differentiate itself from similar businesses, and improve sales. When you want your business to go from blah to WOW overnight, we are the team for you. We’ve got you covered with a range of high quality logo design options that are sure to get your business lots of attention. It doesn’t matter if you work from home, garage, etc. your business will APPEAR like a reputable company.

With our custom logo design services, you’ll have a team of logo design experts ready to set your business on the fast track to the results you are after. We’ve been told that we have an amazing talent for capturing your vision and we do it all with a friendly smile and great service.

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Visual Effects (VFX)

When you need the very best visual effects services then come to us. We have a proven track record of delivering innovative and exciting visual effects that will help your video stand out from the crowd. Our visual effects services helps to get your video noticed whether it is for your You Tube channels or to share with your friends.

We produce great custom videos for individuals or businesses so you can stand out in a busy marketplace. This is because we put together a unique and bespoke package that transforms your video and enhances it. We are the expert special effects shop that creates something that meets all your needs in the area of VFX. We want to help you show off all that is great about your video.
We have worked with the biggest names in high profile industries to develop and deliver exciting and engaging visual effects. We work with people from the following industries-

• Television
• Movies
• Video games
• Advertising

We produce stunning interactive visual effects that really help you to stand out from the crowd. Our VFX is created at our own special effects shop by our dedicated team. You get the very best visual effects services to help your brand or project be noticed by the people that really matter – your viewers.

Ask to see our portfolio of amazing visual effects so that you can see the difference it can make to you. We work hard to ensure that your needs are fulfilled and you get the VFX that turns your video from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Whatever the project you need visual effects services for we will generate a fantastic design so that you can wow your audience with a design that sets you apart from everything else that is out there. We want to take your raw work to the very next level with-

• Enhanced video effects
• Stunning backgrounds
• Extra detailing
• Clearer contrast and colors

We craft individual and stunning visual effects for progressive movie makers all the time, whether you are professional or just starting out – and everything in between. We are the special effects shop that the creative industries come to because we can deliver something that is different from the rest. When you need high quality VFX then come to us and we will custom-build something stunning and unique for you. Get ahead of the rest with special effects that have been designed precisely with you and your viewers in mind.


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