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The city of Los Angeles sits in an interesting area. It happens to be the undisputed entertainment capital of the world, a title that is has held for a very long time. While its proximity to the Silicon Valley has seen most of the technological boons spilling over to the very fertile city of dreams. Though the ethos and socio-economic stability of Los Angeles is anchored in its status as a global entertainment center, the city has diversified its industries to become a financial center on the West Coast. Numerous other businesses have sprung up in the region, rushing to fill up the void created by the dynamic market.

The move to everything digital, has molded a world of frenzy. Whether it is the digitization of film or music to the replacement of brick and mortar establishments with web-only counter parts. However, before a company proceeds that far, there is no escaping the questions of what a business is. The first order of marketing a business lies in creating its logo. A logo is a symbol that comprehensively captures the essence of what a business or product is. A successful logo is granted with public recognition and becomes a prominent vehicle for a business’ spread. It is a graphical representation of a business’ core ideas and values, which serve as recognition makers. One wonders that how is it possible for a small logo which often does not even use a brand or business’ full registered name to fully represent its values and ideas.

Types of Logos

There are different forms of logos ordered by different organizations. Broadly logos can be divided into four categories: wordmark, pictorial, abstract iconography and logo systems.


Wordmarks are the classic rendition of a logo. They have been used since the earliest times in the form of branding. A wordmark in the present world is a rendering of the business’ name along with any idea that can be associated with what it is and what it wants to be.
wordmark logo


Pictorial logos use images that they feel best capture the essence of what their brands are. Often they are used without any words associated with them, as just the pictorial logo can suffice as brand’s image.
pictorial logo

Abstract Iconography

This category has fascinated people from time immemorial. It has abstract designs sometimes accompanied by the business’ name or other identification symbols.
Abstract Iconography logo

Logo System

This category is the most popular these days, particularly in the tech world. It has the benefit of accommodating one or all the other types of logo designs and it represents in itself a graphical framework with endless possibilities and permutations. This allows the logo to be dynamic and evolving.
logo system

Custom Logo Design Services

Different design services are present in the city that provide customized solutions to businesses. They gather data from the client and try to grasp what the core values of the business are and then using the variant designing tracks, come up with logos that best suit the client’s needs. It is safe to say that they business logo design industry in the city is burgeoning.

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