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In today’s world, nearly every organization from virtually every sector of industry has a website where people can get more information and learn about products and services. With an increasing number of people turning towards websites for information on what to buy, order, or otherwise use there is a huge amount of business at stake. Startup Explainer Videos are a great way to keep websites informative, up to date, and entertaining for visitors.

What is an Explainer Video?

Now you may have seen more than one explainer video without knowing it already. As its name suggests, an explainer video is a short video that explains an idea, a business, a service – any concept to other people. The idea behind explainer videos for business is simple – it is just a presentation in the form of a video.

Most explainer videos are generally just a couple of minutes long. They are often based on a humorous theme in order to draw in the attention of a viewer. Most videos use abstract computer graphics to explain how an organization works or provides a service. Explainer videos are a swift departure from the standard walls of text that accompany products and often leave customers frustrated or uninformed. Instead, these videos draw upon a few basic rules of learning: creating a fun, engaging environment and keeping the message as simple as possible.

What Can an Explainer Video Do For You?

The applications of an explainer video are limitless. Thanks to widespread use of the internet, everyone and everything can have a dedicated website or social media feed. From school projects to the latest luxury yacht rolling off the assembly line at a multi million dollar conglomerate, anything you can imagine can benefit from the use of an explainer video. Think of it like this: an explainer video is a narration of the efforts and hard work that go into developing something. It is like the untold story that conveys a deeper meaning to viewers, and hopefully inculcates a new sense of perception.

For businesses, this means reaching out to new clients and increasing the customer base. It also translates into more orders, a renewed interest in products and offers, and the opportunity to make a personal connection with consumers. All of these things tie together to make explainer video production one of the most valuable tools for marketing available today.

Why You Should Hire a Professional To Do Your Explainer Video:

Coming up with a powerful explainer video is no joke. Thanks to some serious competition out there, it is recommended not to spare on explainer videos cost. Think of it like this: an explainer video is a one-time investment you will make for your business that will continue to earn returns in the long run. If you are considering making an explainer video in Los Angeles, look no further. The team of experts at Epikta can deliver explainer videos with high production value, enticing storylines, and mind blowing details for businesses in Los Angeles.

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